April 14, 2009

Forum for Discussions!

If you have an issue/subject/discussion etc etc you want to see here then just add a comment and we’ll see what we can do and where we can take it – any suggestions for how to make this work and do better gratefully recieved!

Don’t forget you can also twitter me your suggestions, idea’s etc – after all this is the blog home of a twitter twibe!



Christianbookshopbods twibe blog!

April 13, 2009

Ok guys this is the blog home for the twitter twibe -christianbookshopbods

if you run, manage or work in a Christian Bookshop then this is the place and twibe for you – welcome lets all have fun!
Chat, chill, holler, it’s up to you what we make of it.
Feel free to twitter about it and let me have any twitter@’s you think are appropriate and I will list them here.
Let me have the URL’s of your Blogs and I will list them here!
Let me know what you want and I will think about it! lol.

For those of you UK based then may I suggest you check out @notbovvered‘s fantastic blog to keep up with all that’s going on!

For a great UK based Christian Book Trade twitter list then again @notbovvered is the man with the blog that has it:

If you want some good reviews on christian books then I highly suggest: